About Us

The goal of the website pestcontrolrodent.com is to teach users how to identify the various pests that enter their homes. Our major objective is to show you how to manage pests and their negative impacts, such damage or offensive scents. We’ll guide you through our articles to help you eliminate these annoyances. We offer expert services. Researchers with doctorates in entomology own and run pestcontrolrodent.com. We offer non-chemical/natural therapies for pest and rodent management, since it is clear that chemical treatments are gradually creating insecticide- and pesticide-resistant bugs. Please feel free to utilize our solutions.

In order for you to be aware of the precise problem you are dealing with, we provide alternative information and help with pest identification. We use integrated pest management (IPM), a technique that uses the fewest amount of insecticides possible to control pests. Integrated pest management is a tactful and eco-friendly approach. There is no risk associated with applying the IPM technique. We don’t need more money or chaos to implement our solutions. We provide aid without charge.

Experienced scientists and entomologists are highlighted on our website. We begin off-site, gather information on the pests we are targeting, use our methods, and subsequently present our study’s findings to our clients. Our writings are the result of years of dedication and expertise. Our experts work through the night to research these pests. We are excited about the chance to share with our readers our interest in and admiration for the distinctive way of life of widely disparaged creatures.

What we provide

We are a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting public property and food from rodents and pests. For consumers, news, educators, and pest control experts, this website is an extensive, reliable, and accurate resource. To better meet the needs of our users in terms of pest management, our website offers reliable information and resources on anything from common household pests to do-it-yourself pest control solutions.

To compensate for our online community, we are naturalists and entomologists who prefer learning about and discussing their observations of bugs, spiders, and other related species.

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard our readers’ families, the environment, and themselves by offering the most effective pest control options. We can determine the extent of your infestation through our free inspections and analysis, which will help us create the most effective treatment strategy. We try our best to use as few chemicals as possible in your house to provide you the pest-free environment you deserve without endangering the health of your family members.


Serving the world starting around 2000. We are one of the top of the line exterminators among the few bug control organizations in the US of America. Begun with only two individuals, and presently we are a group of in excess of 30 individuals chipping away at a vermin the board business that helps you in forever eliminating these prominent trespassers. We offer expert pest control and trapping services to residential, industrial, and commercial customers alike.

Why Choose us?

Most sites just give guidelines on the most proficient method to dispose of bugs. Be that as it may, not all irritations are unsafe to people or the climate; consequently, our site won’t be like others. How to keep the bugs you want and get rid of the ones you don’t want will be covered in our articles. Furthermore, we will tell you what damage and advantage they cause.

Your wellbeing is our need. Since we regard our perusers, we endeavor to offer genuine, unprejudiced arrangements. Our group sticks to two core values: to give our perusers exact data and practical arrangements.

In order to deliver useful information, we collaborate with knowledgeable specialists and check the quality of our content. We use a variety of fact-checking techniques and adhere to a stringent editorial process to ensure that we get it right. Our editors keep a close eye on a piece of content even after it has been published and regularly check the facts to make sure it is still accurate, reliable, and relevant. Furthermore, you can constantly send us questions in regards to any vermin through email.